Details, Details!



before 5pm   Too early to arrive at camp! But not too early to get some food, drink and relax. e.g. at Iron Springs Pub in Fairfax, just 8 minutes drive away. Don't forget there is no dinner provided Friday night.
5pm   Arrive at camp anytime after 5pm. Please don't be early! Checkin at the dining hall
7pm   Snacks available in the dining hall, but no meal Friday night.
    Pickup dancing/music will begin when there are enough people to make it happen!
9pm   Run-through of mass dances, followed by more pickup dancing until whenever
9:30pm   Singing session at fire circle after run-through of mass dances


7:30 - 9am   Breakfast & build (and carry) your own packed lunch
9:15am   Board busses. There will be two. Board the right one! Teams will be listed
9:30am   Busses depart on time. Be onboard, or arrange your own transport!
    See below for tour info
5:30pm   Busses return to camp
7:30pm   Dinner. Black tie. Or not. Skits if you insist on doing one - but definitely not needed!
9pm   Pickup dancing until whenever
9:30pm   Another singing session, unless the previous night was a flop


3:30am   More skits - out behind the abandoned lavatory in the middle of the woods.
8 - 9:30am   Breakfast
9:30am   Awards presentation
10 - 11:30am   Workshops
noon   Leave camp by noon please unless you want to help us clean up...
12:15pm   Lunch (on your own dime) and maybe more pickup at Marin Brewing Company for those who will. We have a rez for their courtyard area.

Saturday Tours

Plan is for tours to involve minimal driving and zero bridges and be in Marin county. Expect a good view of Golden Gate bridge so bring a camera.

Bus 1: Moby Dick
Ngati, Figs,
Two Rivers,
Deer Creek
Bus 2: Shamu
Pipe & Bowl,
Rising Phoenix,
Kitchen Sink,
Goats, Apples, Roses
9:15 ~~~~~ Board busses ~~~~~
9:30 ~~~~~ Busses depart with or without you! ~~~~~
10:10-11:10 Tiburon town center   10:15-11:20 Fort Baker, pier
11:45-1:45 ~~~~~ Gabrielson park - show dances plus lunch ~~~~~
2:20-3:20 Fort Baker, pier   2:25-3:20 Mill Valley plaza next to Depot Bookstore
3:55-4:55 Mill Valley plaza   3:55-4:50 Tiburon town center
5:30 ~~~~~ Busses return to camp ~~~~~

We have already paid the bus company a 10% driver tip, so there's no need to pass the hat.


For people who need rides. Jonathan must have this info at least 1 week in advance:

Stuff to Bring

Essentials: That other stuff:

Camp Notes

BACDS events are fragrance free. Please minimize use of scented personal products at the Ale (e.g. cologne, perfume).

There is poor phone reception at camp, except Verizon. WiFi is available in Dining Hall and Manor/Lyman House: password is cookies1

We can NOT use the swimming pool at camp. But we can use the outside firepits.There may be singing!

Important! This is a girl scout camp. Please don't leave alcohol containers or beer caps scattered around. Put them in appropriate bins, or take them away with you. This got us thrown out of this camp for over a decade!

Camp maps: