I Can Hew - Adderbury (not the border version!)

From Randall:

Here are the notes I got from Ruth Temple from Seabright in 2002 or so.  Since we won’t be singing the verses for a mass, I would suggest switching to the usual process up followed by process down rather than the combined figure.  But it’s up to you.  FYI the stepping is a bit tricky, It’s unique for this dance.

Dance written by gNat Case, 1994, for the Twin Cities’ Mixed Morris Team, Uptown on Calhoun.

Julia and Pete Schult migrated the dance out to the West Coast, to Seabright who danced it out at the 1995 Berkeley Ale, and later held a workshop at Seabright’s annual Day of Dance.

I can hew, boys,  I can hack it out
I can hew the coal, I can dance and shout
I can hew, boys, coal that’s black and fine
I’m a collier lad, working down the mine

On Saint Monday’s day, it’s well I do admire
To be sittin’ at home by my own coal fire
Then it’s down to the pub, for a glass or two
For to work on a Monday, that would never do

Well, I likes my whiskey and I likes my beer
I’ll drink fourteen pints and I’ll not feel queer
I can hold my liquor, good as any man
And I’ll dance and sing, as long as I can*

Well, my boy he’s fourteen, he’s a strapping lad
And he’ll go to the pit, soon, just like his dad
And when Friday comes, we’ll pick up our pay
And we’ll drink together to round out the day

And it’s when I die, Oh I know full well,
I’ll not go do heaven, I am bound for hell
And my pick and shovel Old Nick he will admire
Then he’ll set me to work diggin’ coal for his own hell-fire**