Berkeley Morris Ales

Here are some of the ales Berkeley Morris has hosted. To see a more complete list of California Ales, click here.

Malt and Malted
Graphic by Antone Cepernich

For reasons shrouded in the mists of time, Berkeley Morris has the reputation of preferring ice cream to beer, a truly vile accusation in morris circles. It is, in fact, utterly without foundation, and we have no idea how this got started, really we don't, but in an attempt to approach the situation with humor rather than with the bloodthirsty rage it deserves, we named our 1987 ale the Malt and Malted Ale.
In 1991 the Loma Prieta earthquake was still very much on everyone's mind around here, even though it happened two years earlier, and that's why we called our ale that year the Quakes and Ale. In case this isn't dead obvious, it's a pun on "cakes and ale," a combination that seems thoroughly repulsive to me but was used by Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night as a metaphor for, more or less, "good times and easy living."
Quakes and Ale
Graphic by Carin Coulon

Holt Gr'ale
Graphic by Patricia Mary Ross

Our motivations for naming our 1995 ale the Holy Gr'ale remain obscure. Probably a combination of having seen That Movie one too many times and a woeful lack of any better ideas.
In 1998, Berkeley Morris celebrated its twenty-first anniversary. As one of the oldest morris sides on the Pacific west coast, Berkeley Morris alumni went on to form or participate in teams such as Seattle's Seattle Morris and Misty City Morris, southern California's Pennyroyal Morris, and the Bay Area's Deer Creek Morris Men, Mayfield Morris and Sword, Swords of Gridlock, Goat Hill Morris, and Ring of Cold Steel. These and other teams joined Berkeley in toasting (with tankards of ale or big frothy milkshakes, depending on who was doing the toasting) the Coming of Age of this west coast institution.
Roll Out the Bear Ale
Graphic by Elaine Richards

Ale'i'en Invasion
Graphic by Julia Berger and Patrick Farley

Aleien Invasion!
West Coast Ale April 13-15, 2001

In 2001, we went to the Henry Bothin Camp for the last time. Tours in San Francisco. Click link above for more information.

Beyond the Pale Ale
April 13-15, 2007
In 2007, Berkeley Morris celebrated its thirtieth anniversary at the Headlands Institute in the scenic Marin Headlands.

Beyond the Pale Ale
Graphic by Ethan Hay

graphic by Cliff Stevens

An Ale of Two Cities

April 22-24, 2011
The Headlands Institute in the scenic Marin Headlands.

A Ferry T'Ale

April 17-19 2015
Nature Bridge in the scenic Marin Headlands.